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Do you want to open a customer account?

For the sale of physical books: All documents must be returned to us at the email address indicated at the header of the form. Please note that only complete files will be processed:

  •           > A signed request to open an account carrying your company stamp.
  •           > The GTC initialed on both pages, dated, signed and carrying your company stamp.
  •           > A KBIS extract of less than 3 months (points of sale in France)
  •           > A bank account number

Your documents must be scanned and of good quality (no photos).
If you do not have a company stamp, you can write your name, address and SIRET number.

Please send us the originals by post to the following address:
Fichier Clients Interforum
92 Avenue de France
75013 Paris

Upon receipt of your complete file, it will be processed within 15 working days.
We will be able to inform you of our commercial conditions upon receipt of your file.

          > Account opening for export
          > Account opening in France
          > Account opening in the Benelux
          > Account opening for DNL

For the sale of digital books: please contact the Digital team at ecommerce.numerique@interforum.fr to specify your need and proceed to the preliminary signature of the general conditions of sale specific to the sale of digital products.

How do I access the website? I don't know my login email address.

To access the website, you must enter a login and a password in the two fields provided for this purpose at the top of the homepage.

Your login is the email address you gave us when you opened your customer account (replaces the GLN/Gencod code since Nov.2022). If you don't know it, you can ask your representative or email us at contact.clientele@interforum.fr. The first time you login to the website, you will be asked to create the password you wish to use.

Lost your password?

If you have forgotten your password or are a new customer, you can create a new password very easily. To start the process, you simply have to click on “Lost password” under the login button on the homepage. You will need to enter the email address you gave when you opened your account as well as your Interforum customer number.

A password reset link will be sent to your email address.

What to do if several users share the same email address at the bookstore?

A password is associated with a unique email address. Whenever possible, we recommend for each user in the bookstore to have an individual email address for security and website performance reasons.
If this is not possible, then the different users will have to share the same password and therefore consult each other at each update. On the other hand, they will be asked at each login to choose between the different user profiles associated with the email address in question.

After the email address change, I managed to log in once but now I no longer can.

> Has your email address been changed recently in the My Profile section of the site or by our teams? If so, you have changed your login to the site: you must therefore create a new password by clicking on click on “Forgot my password” at the top right of the site's homepage, then follow the online procedure (prepare your IF account number or a recent invoice).

> Is your email shared by several users of your point of sale? Someone may have changed the password without telling you.

Where can I find the General Sales Conditions (GSC)?

To download or print the Interforum GSC, click here.
This document must be returned signed to fichier_clients@interforum.fr.
To return to the homepage, click here.

Are you looking for a price list from one of our publishers?

Find all our 2024 price lists (subject to distribution rules specific to your point of sale):

          > Price scales 2024

If you have a problem, do not hesitate to send us an email at contact.clientele@interforum.fr

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